Wedding Videography

We have cinematography packages with different features to suit your needs and budgets.

Highlight Package

BLVD’s CORE cinematography wedding package offers you everything you will need for filming your wedding. We provide you with 2 cinematographers for 8 hours capturing all the details and special moments of your wedding. All of our Wedding Video’s are shot like a Cinematic Film. We use the best 4K resolution video cameras, we color the footage to create a dynamic look and style, incorporate slow motion for subtly, and edit a love story that evokes emotion and feeling.  Our Videography style has a very Modern Classic candid look and feel. We also bring an Elegant & Refreshing theme to our stories by using vibrant colors and controlling natural light. We try to capture the real beauty of the day and that means sometimes just letting moments happen naturally. We create custom wedding packages for many of our clients as every wedding has different budgets, needs, and wants. If you would like to get more information please fill out the form below or give us a ring.


  • 2 BLVD Cinematographers
  • 8 hours of coverage
  • Filmed in 4K
  • All footage is Colored
  • 4-6 Minute Highlight Video –  (Short Story of the Day)
  • 1 Minute Vertical – Instagram Video – Sharable!
  • Music – We choose licensed free music from sites like Artlist or Epidemic Sound.
  • Cloud Based download for delivery

Core Additions

We offer additional package options to capture extra features and emotion to your film.


The short form cinematic highlight video perfectly captures the best and the most memorable moments of your day. The shorter form edit quickly engages the viewer and showcases only the best of the best shots. Comes with Highlight Video Package!


The longer form edit is a great way to tell a true full story of your wedding day. All the small details are carefully chosen and edited together so nothing is missed. No stone is left un-turn and music changes based on the stories progression. Giving your wedding video time to breathe is the only way to tell a true wedding love story. Comes with Platinum Video Package!


We offer separate “Full Ceremony” and “Full Reception” edits that do not make the final Feature Film. These edits can range between 10 mins. and sometimes up to 1 hour in length from beginning to end. The extended wedding edits is for our couples who don’t want to miss a moment or to give loved ones who could not make it a chance to watch the full day.  You will get separate videos created for each moment. Call for pricing!


Typically we film your “Love Story” during the Engagement Photo shoot. Share it with friends through social media and have the option to play the video on a projector during the reception on your wedding day. Remember your love story as you grow old together! Comes FREE with Platinum Video Package! Projector not included


We LOVE creative ideas and couples imaginations on how they want to tell their story. Steps away from falling off the cliffs in Yosemite to a fantasy setting with a cemetery backdrop we love it all.  Call us to discuss your dream wedding!


We custom create each couple’s package to fit their vision and budget. 

Same Day Wedding Edit
With the Same Day Edit we capture and edit together a beautiful film of the wedding day and ceremony to show to your guests at your wedding reception. Your family and friends will love seeing  the days events unfold from the cameras perspective and it gives you the opportunity to experience your day as a witness!

Rehearsal Dinner
Your planning has finally led you to this evening! Enjoy your last night as a Mr. and Miss by capturing the dinner, toasts, family and fun with up to 4 hours of coverage. Each additional hour $150.

The Adventure (Elopement)
Take us on your travel adventure as we follow along and film an amazing documentary style film from when you wake up to when you go to bed.  Camping on a remote hillside, sleep under the stars at Joshua Tree, bonfire on a private beach, hike Yosemite Falls. We got you!

Second Day Shoot
Wedding days usually end all too soon. With our Second Day Shoot you get the opportunity to relax without the pressures of the day, and add some truly epic shots to your film. This creative feature adds a truly cinematic look to your film.

One of our most highly recommended add-ons is aerial visuals. We shoot 4K HD aerial drone footage showcasing the wedding venue and epic landscape and scenery to enhance your wedding video further.

Additional Cinematographer
More cameras, more angles, more editing capabilities, this option is especially great for weddings with a large guest list. With an added shooter, we can be more places at once capturing more moments on film.

RAW footage
Don’t miss a single frame with this feature. We provide the RAW unedited individual clips straight from camera on your big day put on an external hard drive. (Not Colored)

– Additional hours ($150/hr per person)

– External hard drive for additional backup

Travel Fee
For weddings outside of Northern California (plus travel expenses). We even go international!


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