Elopement: Why You Should Think about Eloping in 2021 

Back in January of 2020, videographers and photographers, wedding planners, and venues were revving up to have another fantastic year of gorgeous weddings and couples tying the knot all in the name of love. 

Spring and Summer weddings were booked and future plans for Fall weddings and engagement photos were filling up the calendar like crazy. Just like all the years before, we were gearing up for another great year packed with wedding photography.

Then COVID hit. And the wedding business that we once knew had literally disappeared overnight. More simply put, the coronavirus ruined traditional weddings.

But, there’s a well-worn saying of “When times get tough, the tough get going” for a reason. When COVID hit, it forced all businesses to rethink how they did everything. The hard-working folks behind these businesses essentially had to rewire their brains, come up with new ideas, and implement them. And guess what? It’s working. 

We may not be able to cater to large venues, with hundreds of attendees, but we can do one better: we can do private, small venues, with real heartfelt meaning. And now more than EVER before, we are doing elopement photography.

Because COVID wreaked havoc upon everyone and everything as we know it, elopement has become the next best thing to a traditional wedding. If you’re still on the fence about elopement, here are a few more reasons why you should consider eloping for the year 2021 instead of a wedding.


This is probably one of the biggest reasons behind elopement not because you necessarily want it, but because there’s no other option. But, eloping doesn’t make the wedding any less important. If you can’t have a normal sized wedding, why not make everything even simpler for your big day? No worries about a venue, guest list, or party favors. Have a couple of friends with you, get married, then later when the world is onto recovery from this crazy pandemic, you can have a party to celebrate the big day! Focus on what really matters: the two of you.


Probably the best side bonus to all of this COVID stuff and absence of big weddings is that you’re going to save a ton of money on the things you won’t remember. Sure, the chairs and tables and centerpieces are all important, but when you’re getting married, you’re only focused on getting married and having a fun time! With an elopement, the expense is gone. You can focus your funds on getting phenomenal photography and an amazing honeymoon package. You can spend it on the things that truly matter; the things you will remember.


Okay, not to sound too ridiculous, but seriously…wouldn’t you love to see sweet Instagram elopement posts? We sure do. With all the bad news, and incessant coronavirus talk, its pure joy to see happy couples married. It’s bliss to be able to see marriages are still happening. And all of this can be accomplished with beautiful photography you can post to friends and family who couldn’t have been at the wedding anyway!


We’re going to get through this year, and the next year just fine. And Covid will surely go away one day. But for now, if you’re serious about getting married, get serious about elopement.


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